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Prior to quilting your quilt, you will need a way to hold the layers together, so that they don't move.  You can do this wilth large basting stitches, with safety pins or with a spray glue.  

There is never only one option with regards to a quilting design.  So often, this is the part of the quilt-making process that people often find most difficult.  hardly surprising when so many patchwork patterns simply say 'Quilt as desired'! 

All over Stipple

This is a medium sized stipple design all over the quilt top.  It does not make reference to any design features, such as applique.  

Edge to edge-freehand or pantograph

‚ÄčThis design is quilted all over the quilt including any borders and can be either free hand or following a pantograph pattern.  

Custom quilting

‚ÄčThis is the most detailed and expressive of the options.  You can quilt your quilt in a unique design suited specifically for it.  This option includes all variable such as stitch in the ditch, ruler work, micro quilting and complex designs.  

Quilting Options