Suzy Sparrowe                  and the home of happy quilts.

I am developing a real love for upholstery although I have to admit to a bit of a love hate thing going on with it! 

I am in the process of recovering all 8 of my dining room chairs.  The current ones are looking way too old and worn.  I am not doing this as an upcycling project and the fabric is not cheap or recycled.  I am doing this for no other reason other than a complete love of colour and that I want spectacular and flamboyant dining room chairs surrounding my favourite place in the house!  Consequently, I am aiming to do this properly and for me properly means that all of the new covers are sewn beautifully and finished perfectly, even the areas that can't be seen.  That is where my 'hate' thing comes in- it drives me crazy to see how often in upholstery projects, there is very little actual sewing involved.  Instead, everything is just stapled together, like a kids' school project!  Even piping can be stapled on and often seams aren't created but instead folded over and stapled in hidden places.  I also hate the fact that when you take a piece of furniture apart, you see that areas have not been covered completely and the fabric instead has just been cut off. 

I accept totally that I am being stupid, but I am very proud of the fact that my re upholstered settee would look as beautiful when taken apart as it currently does in use!  If the arms were removed it would look like a perfect futon, as the sides are fully covered, as are the arms themselves.